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Our industry leading concrete coatings will transform your space

Services Offered

Concrete gets a bad rap for being ugly and industrial. Our coatings quickly beautify and rejuvenate any concrete surface.

Arizona concrete coatings can be installed in residential, commercial and industrial locations. We do everything from sidewalks, driveways, pool surrounds to parking garages, storage units, airplane hangars, etc. 

Our product

Our coating is made from a polyurea base coat followed by a polyaspartic top coat. This gives our coating many advantages over traditional epoxy:

4X Stronger than Epoxy

This ensures a durable, impact resistant finish that will last for years

98% More Flexible than Epoxy

When the concrete shifts, our coatings will flex with it rather than cracking

100% UV Stable

Our coats are UV stable so they will never discolor under the Arizona sun

Our Five Step Process

Prep the Floor

Using our specific diamond blades, we will grind the concrete. This step is important because the grinding opens the pores of the concrete so the basecoat can adhere properly.

Repair the Floor

First we widen crack and holes for proper repair. Then the cracks and pitting are repaired using a specially formulated mixture of product that will harden and be filed down to make your floor seamless.

Base Coat

Our base coat is a polyurea tinted either gray or tan to match your chip system! Our product is UV stable, four times stronger than epoxy, 98% more flexible than epoxy, and will never chip or peel.

Chip Application

We offer 15 standard color options and also custom color chips to match your favorite sports team, your business colors, or your personal favorite colors. You name it we can do it. The options are endless.

Top Coat

We use a polyaspartic top coat. This top coat has excellent abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance. Fast cure times make it possible to walk on your floor after just 12 hours and drive on after 24 hours.